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Bethany Diagnostic & Primary Care Center, Byrnihat

Bethany Hospital Outreach Diagnostic and Primary Care Centre Byrnihat Proper is a comprehensive medical facility that provides high-quality medical care services to the community. Established in the year 2017, this Day Care Centre is strategically located to offer convenient access to people residing in the North Eastern states of India.

The Centre is equipped with modern medical equipment and cutting-edge technology, which enables them to provide accurate diagnoses and efficient treatments. They have a team of highly skilled and experienced medical professionals who specialize in various medical fields.

The Centre offers a wide range of medical specialties, including General Medicine, General Surgery, Gynaecology & Obstetrics, Radiology and Imaging Sciences, Clinical Pathology, and Cardiology. Patients can rest assured that they will receive the best possible care and attention from the medical staff.

Furthermore, the Centre is committed to providing affordable healthcare to all, and they have tie-ups with various government and private health insurance schemes. This ensures that patients from all walks of life can avail themselves of the best medical care services without any financial constraints.

The Bethany Hospital Outreach Diagnostic and Primary Care Centre Byrnihat Proper has earned a reputation for providing prompt and professional medical care, along with personalized attention and care by the staff. They are committed to providing world-class medical services and contributing to the growth of the healthcare sector in the region.

Specialties & Timings

Dr. Saraju Medhi
M.D (Biochemistry)
Dr. Prasanta Kumar Brahma
Consultant Pathologist
Dr. T. I Syiemlieh
Visiting Consultant Obstetric and Gynecologist
Dr. Chandra Kr. Das
Visiting Consultant Cardiologist