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Bethany Hospital Outreach, Nongpoh

Bethany Hospital Outreach, Nongpoh, is a leading Multi-Specialty Hospital that was established in 2014 with a total of 92 beds. This hospital's strategic central location, coupled with its easy accessibility, prompt and professional approach, and personalized care, has contributed significantly to its remarkable growth over the years.

In the Northeastern region of India, where access to adequate healthcare facilities is limited, Bethany Hospital Outreach has played a crucial role in improving healthcare services to patients from within the town and far-flung areas alike.

The hospital is a sole proprietorship, founded by Dr. Jonn L.Sailo Ryntathiang, a local tribal and an alumnus of AIIMS. With over 30 years of experience as a specialist in the field of Internal Medicine, Dr. Ryntathiang's expertise has helped the hospital gain recognition as a leading healthcare provider in the region.

The hospital's management is overseen by a dedicated Managing Committee comprising a Deputy Director, Nursing Superintendent, Administrative Officer, Finance and Accounts Officer, and a Public Relations Officer, who work together to ensure seamless operations and the highest quality of patient care.

Specialties & Timings

Dr. Chekie M. Pohshna
Sr. Medical Officer & Registrar Medicine
Dr. Dakerlang Uriah
Dr. Defairlin Ranee
Consultant Paediatrics
Dr. Paresh Chandra Goswami
Consultant Obstetric and Gynecologist
Dr. Phrang Kupar Swer
Consultant Medicine
Dr. Marbaitki Nongpluh
Consultant Surgeon
Dr. Malvika Kulhary
Consultant Radiologist
Dr. Xavier S Marak
Visiting Consultant ENT
Dr. Zulfiquer Hazarika
Visiting Consultant ENT
Dr. Chandra Kr. Das
Visiting Consultant Cardiologist
Dr. Lamkordor Tyngkan
Visiting Consultant Neurosurgeon
Dr. Soram Jemson Meitei
Dr. Pynlangki Bamon
Dr. Lairenlakpan Lenin Meitei
Dr. Gratify Lyngdoh
Dr. Arwadamankiru Siangshai
Dr. Soyachon Mahung
Dr. Primadona Malang
Dr. Geraldo Ropmay
Dr. Ibanlumlanglin Dkhar